Business Policies

  1. All products sold are covered by Manufacturer or distributor warrantee.
  2. Mechanical repairs and diagnostics are done with the best ethics possible.
  3. Vehicles in the shop or driven by shop staff are covered under shop insurance.
  4. During your vehicle repairs additional costs may need to be applied for adjoining component replacement. Without replacing these additional components your vehicle repairs will be less than satisfying. Inferior repair procedures are never recommended.
  5. Vehicles stored (Parked) on Herbs' lot are covered by their own insurance policy.
  6. Test driving a vehicle requires your vehicle to be safe to a minimum standard. Most common is tires must be adequate contrary to road conditions. Vehicle licence plate date of insurance must also be current.

Payment is accepted in all these forms:

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Hours of Operation: Tuesday thru Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm, Saturday by appointment only.